NsixTM Super Fine AG Film

Specifically developed for high definition touch panel, Nsix Super Fine AG film achieves the finest anti-glare coating that prevents “moire interference,” an unpleasant visual effect typically experienced with conventional AG film. The anti-fingerprint surface has extremely smooth touch, making touch panel operations easier and comfortable.

NsixTM Super Fine AG Film  
Super Fine AG Film
  • Dot-free AG coating;
  • Suitable for high definition LCDs;
  • Smooth touch & anti-fingerprint;
  • High light transmittance (90%);
  • High chemical resistance;

Why NsixTMSeries is safe to use? Why others are not?
The NsixTM Series films are all treated with a proprietary silicone adhesive coating which, while it never comes off the base material(PET), can be easily detached from the LCD screen. It is this property that makes a self-adhesive film truly superior in reusability. Most other products, reported to cause "sticky residue," use a two-component adhesive consisting of acrylic and silicone materials. These two components can break up when the film is removed, leaving sticky residue stuck on the LCD screen.