NsixTM New L-Film (anti-bacterial luster film)

New L-Film
  • Permanent antibacterial effect
  • Non-toxic for humans
  • High chemical resistance
  • 95.9% visible light transmittance
  • Brighter screen images
  • 99% UV reduction
  • Self-adhesive , washable and re-attachable
  • Easy cleaning

  • How dirty are mobile devices?

    Recent studies report that a large number of mobile devices through daily use are heavily contaminated by coliform bacteria. For users, cleaning the display is often a problem, as most device manufacturers do not recommend household cleaners for fear of damaging the coating, and medical experts warn against alcohol sanitization that can add to bacterial resistance.

    Touchpanel   Bacterial contamination

    An ideal solution for device hygiene

    New L-film, developed from its long-selling precursor L-film, has a powerful antibacterial effect. An “Antimicrobial Products Test for Antimicrobial Activity and Efficacy” shows that virtually 100% of Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus were destroyed on New L-film after 24 hours of application.

    Table 1 Bacterial counts on the samples
    Bacterial counts

    *<10: Effectively no bacterium was detected on New-L-Film
    *Escherichia coli NBRC 3972
    *Staphylococcus aureus subsp. aureus NBRC 12732
    *L-Film was used as a non-antibacterial specimen

    How does it work?

    Nano-particles of silver apatite, embedded into the surface of New L-film, release silver ions that kill the bacteria. The test results show New L-film has “Antibacterial Activity Values” greater than 5.2 against S.aureus and greater than 6.2 against E.coli - values greater than 2.0 that effectively represents a “kill rate” of 100%.

    Table 2 Antimicrobial Activity Values of New L-Film
    Antimicrobial Activity Value

    *An Antimicrobial Activity Value of 2.0 effectively represents a kill rate of more than 99% of bacteria.

    How long does the antibacterial-effect last?

    With a special coating technique, each nano-particle is “anchored” into the microscopic gaps on the surface of the film in such a way that they never come off. The quality of the coating is so stable that it even withstands solvents and ensures a permanent antibacterial effect.

    How to clean it?

    Using non-microfiber cloth with mild detergent is most recommended. Depending on the circumstance, various other cleaning agents also can be used to clean this film, as it withstands a wide range of chemical solutions including:

    Hydrochloric acid (5% solution)
    NaOH (5% solution)
    Ethyl acetate

    What is the overall longevity of New L-film after application?

    Highly durable in harsh environments, New L-film can be used for extremely long time. While it can be used for many years without experiencing qualitative degradation, it is recommended to replace every 2 years in a professional environment.

    Why NsixTMSeries is safe to use? Why others are not?
    The NsixTM Series films are all treated with a proprietary silicone adhesive coating which, while it never comes off the base material(PET), can be easily detached from the LCD screen. It is this property that makes a self-adhesive film truly superior in reusability. Most other products, reported to cause "sticky residue," use a two-component adhesive consisting of acrylic and silicone materials. These two components can break up when the film is removed, leaving sticky residue stuck on the LCD screen.