NsixTMNew AR Film for High Definition LCDs

Nsix New AR Film is a top-of-the-line, anti-reflection film. By utilizing ambient light, the film’s coating makes screen images brighter while significantly reducing reflection from the screen. These characteristics of the film enable high visibility under the sun - even with a low "brightness level" of the LCD - providing an energy-efficient environment for outdoor use.

NsixTM New AR Film  
New AR Film
  • Brightens screen images;
  • Provides energy-efficient environment;
  • Significantly reduces reflction;
  • High light transmittance (94.5%);
  • High chemical resistance;
  • High visivility under the sun.
destructive interferenceWhen incident light hits the AR coating on the film, it is made to reflect both from the front surface and from the rear surface of the coating. Those two reflections are spaced a 1/2 wavelength apart and in opposite phase, causing what is known as "destructive interference," a phenomenon in which two reflections cancel out each other whereby destroying the reflection.

Why NsixTMSeries is safe to use? Why others are not?
The NsixTM Series films are all treated with a proprietary silicone adhesive coating which, while it never comes off the base material(PET), can be easily detached from the LCD screen. It is this property that makes a self-adhesive film truly superior in reusability. Most other products, reported to cause "sticky residue," use a two-component adhesive consisting of acrylic and silicone materials. These two components can break up when the film is removed, leaving sticky residue stuck on the LCD screen.