NsixTM HEV Block Film for eye protection from visible light

  • 24 % HEV reduction at 450nm
  • 92% UV reduction
  • High visible light transmittance
  • Dot-free annti-glare coating
  • Self-adhesive, washable and re-attachable

  • Retinal protection from harmful visible light

    HEV (high-energy visible light), also known as "blue light", has the strongest light energy next to UV. Chronic exposure to HEV can cause permanent retinal damage, leading to age-related macular degeneration (AMD). Children have clearer crystalline lenses than adults and are more susceptible to HEV. Today’s high definition LCDs emit more HEV than old generation LCDs, prompting a need for proper eye protection.

    blue light

    High visible light Transmittance (92%)

    The challenge is how to block blue light without affecting enhanced screen images. NsixTM  HEV Block Film solves this problem by designing the coating and the base material, which, in combination, best block light transmittance at the wavelength between 380nm and 500nm - while maximizing overall visible light transmittance.

    HEV peaks at 450nm

    Blue light emitted by most devices peaks at 450nm of the spectrum, at which the film reduces it by 24%.

    Why NsixTMSeries is safe to use? Why others are not?
    The NsixTM Series films are all treated with a proprietary silicone adhesive coating which, while it never comes off the base material(PET), can be easily detached from the LCD screen. It is this property that makes a self-adhesive film truly superior in reusability. Most other products, reported to cause "sticky residue," use a two-component adhesive consisting of acrylic and silicone materials. These two components can break up when the film is removed, leaving sticky residue stuck on the LCD screen.